Sunday, June 22, 2014

Seth and Elise on the JSL Tour

 Seth and Elise are heading out today on a 'Joseph Smith Legacy Tour.'  They will leave from SLC on Monday in the early morning, so Seth is driving the 2 of them there this afternoon. I am so excited for them and a smidge jealous.  They will fly to NY then work their way to Far West over the week.  They are going with a tour group our of Gilbert and my dear friend let me know about it as she is sending her kids.  She tells me there are lots of great kids going and the tour guides are astounding.  I hope they have a great time-I won't know until they get back as electronics are not allowed (hooray!).

Getting a good pic of these two was harder than it looked. They thought they were pretty darn funny, and they were. Love you guys! See you in a week!!!!

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