Saturday, May 17, 2014

Planting Grandma Kristine's Tree

After checking all of our local nurseries, I found what I think is the perfect tree to plant for Grandma Kristine.  It is a thornless Black Locust.  It is a tree that is quite rugged and drought tolerant. It has delicate leaves that throw a dappled shade and (my favorite attribute) it flowers in the month of June here in Durango-which just happens to be the month of Kristine's birthday and Temple sealing.  The blossoms are a purplelish pink and have a wonderful, strong scent.

Elise walked the track hoe over and dug the hole.  We carefully put the tree in place from off the trailer.  We had originally planned to plant the tree nest to Jack's tall cottonwood tree.  But John, after much thought and discussion, decided it would be better to plant it near the 'kiddy pool' part of the pond.  There is could provide shade for our youngest pond users.  I loved the placement.

Seth arrived after we were done placing it, but he helped us to get the dirt back in place and get it watered in well. Our whole family really misses having Grandma Kristine around and anything we do to help remember her seems to feel really good.  I look forward to lots of blossoms and shade from this tree in the years to come.

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