Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hangin' With Papa Ross

Gabe sent me this picture today.  Apparently he was out last night with my dad getting milkshakes.  This is a pic Gabe took of my dad taking a selfie. :)  How cute is that! Gabe thought it was pretty darn funny and thought I'd like it too... which I did! John was able to see Gabe last week and it's nice to know that he is hanging out with my parents now that he is friendless. haha  He has been working out with a really good club Bball team and is really enjoying it even though he is at the bottom of the team. He likes the coaching and the other players. He told me that he thinks school will really be fun once he makes some friends.  Gabe has known everyone at his his school since pre-school. What a great stretching experience this is for him.  His siblings pray every night that he will find good friends and have a good time.  I think it is a good experience for them too in a different way. Seth especially has a little different roll in the house and the dynamics are always different when anyone is gone. Maybe we will all learn a little something this term.

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