Monday, March 3, 2014

End of the Season

Gabe's basketball team went to Denver this last weekend for a playoff game.  They have had a good season overall, but Gabe has been seeing little if any play time this year.  While I like that they are winning, I am not sad that their season is now over, and I think Gabe feels the same. While they were up there they had a team meal at on of our Dickey's resturaunts.  Gabe is ever the opportunist. Because he was already in Denver, and because John and I are big softies, we let him stay there for the weekend after the team bus drove home.  His coach called me to make sure I was letting Gabe leave because a teenager (our friend Chandler) was there to pick him up and was I OK with that?  I assured the coach that the teen would be taking him somewhere to be supervised by adults.

I think he had a fine weekend...except for this unfortunate consequence of a skateboard wreck:
Boo for broken bones. It didn't show up on the xray, but the doc casted it anyway.  Maybe that coach was right to be concerned about releasing Gabe to the care of another teenager. Haha

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