Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elise and Orchestra

 Tonight Elise had an orchestra concert.  This is the only picture I got of her.  No, I can't really see her either.  Elise does not enjoy orchestra, but mean mom that I am, I have made her finish out Middle School as a member of it.  I think it is only tolerable because she has friends that also are in it.  Elise has really grown this year and I hope she can one day appreciate all of the culture she is getting. :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Old Photos and Forever Families

I haven't gotten much accomplished the last few weeks.  I have a list a mile long but I don't seem to be in any rush to work on crossing it off.  During Kristine's funeral, someone went up to her storage container and pulled out all of her old photo albums.  They are quite a mish mash of some really cool old stuff.  I thought I ought to go through them and try to organize it went on my list.  You know, the one I haven't gotten to...

But today I woke up and thought I needed to get to it.  Our kids were challenged recently by their Stake Leaders to 'Take an ancestor to the Temple' for stake temple day.  My kids have looked on my family tree and hadn't had any luck finding names of ancestors that had not had their work done already.  The temple date is only 2 weeks from now. This thought was on my mind as I grabbed my first album.

I went for my favorite one.

It is full of really old pictures that I think must have been given to Kristine by Jack's mother, Geradine.  She was born in Florida and must have been from a well-to-do family judging from the pictures.  There are old photos of their family playing at the beach in their turn of the century swim suits and ladies wearing full length dresses to play tennis on a grass court.  Their hats are gorgeous and the scenery is beautiful. Here is a sampling of the types of pics I was looking at:

I thought I ought to scan some of the pictures in the album and add them to the LDS Church's Family Search website (Jan, I was thinking you might like to see some of them :)).  You can go there and add pictures of people on your direct family tree.  I had to log in as John to see and add stuff on his pedigree.  I figured out how to scan the photos and I was really enjoying thinking about them and adding them to the site.  I was also feeling pretty cool that I had figured it out all by myself (I try to savor the little things....)

I got to this picture (check out that cool mustache!) and couldn't find him in John's direct line.  Jack's mother Geradine was an Anderson and while I had no problem following her line, I didn't see ALK Anderson anywhere on it.  I pulled the picture out of the album to see if the back had anything written on it.

Bingo! Luckily someone had written the genealogy of ALK on the back along with the fact that it was taken around the turn of the last century.  That was very helpful.  I looked back and found ALK's grandfather, Thomas Anderson of Northumberland in John's direct pedigree.

Charles King is listed on the photograph as Thomas' son, but when I clicked on the 'Children' button on Thomas Anderson, only Robert Gerard (John's direct ancestor) showed up.  I decided to click on Thomas' expanded pedigree and for some reason, and the expanded pedigree shows 4 children ( I suspect this has something to do with the fact that his wife, Isabella, is listed many different times as his wife--maybe the children are all listed as coming from separate wives--hence, not showing up on our pedigree).

There was Charles King Anderson, and wouldn't you know it, he needed some temple work done as did his brother, John Soulsby Anderson! (These brothers would be John's Great-great-great-uncles.)

Charles King Anderson was listed as having a son--Alwyn Lowder King Anderson.  So that is what ALK stood for!  And here I was looking right at his picture. The records list no wife or posterity. And ALL of his temple work still needed to be complete!

I called John on the phone and explained how I found the man in the picture in his Grandma Geradine's photos.  I guess ALK would have been Geradine's Father's first cousin (is that Geradine's 2nd cousin then?)  Confusing without the chart--I know!

But no one would have ever looked for him because he didn't have posterity. ALK's own father Charles doesn't even show up when you look for him under Thomas, unless you take that extra step.  I never would have thought to look for them had I not gotten the photo out of the album.

I got emotional as I recounted my steps to John (which I know are really confusing to read...) and I felt a spiritual witness that Temple work is sacred and special.  Families need to be bound together.  They are waiting to be bound together.

I know Kristine glued those pictures in the album and she was probably the only person left on earth that knew about ALK. The picture we have of him is definitely an original.  I know she knew about him because it is her handwriting that is under the picture in the photo album.  Luckily someone had written the family history on the back that enabled me to find him.

I also believe that Kristine has likely recently met ALK.  That is a pretty extraordinary idea! And isn't it wonderful!!  I am glad that I got a nudge today to open up that album and find the cousin that no one would have ever looked for.  I love the Plan of Salvation.  I love the knowledge we have of life after this life.  I felt it close today and I look forward to taking those ancestors to the temple.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Seth is a Priest

Happy Mom moment today.  I am so grateful to have such a wonderful son.  Seth is a handsome young man with lots of talents. He is athletic, social, funny, hard working, smart, and (when he wants to be) a kind big brother.  He got to bless the Sacrament today for the first time.  Gabe was the other Priest with him.  What a wonderful, wonderful thing it is to see your two oldest boys living in a way that they can do that.  I am so grateful for the Gospel in my life and it is an absolute joy to see my children participating in sacred ordinances. 

In fact, I'm gonna have to go with: Pure Joy!