Saturday, October 19, 2013

Elise is 14

My little girl is getting so, so big! Elise turned 14 today which is solidly in the teenager years.  She has really grown up a lot this year and is really looking like a young woman.

She wanted to get a haircut with 'side bangs' so we took her in on Tuesday as an early Birthday present.
 Jebb came home sick on Friday and got to go with me to pick up Elise for lunch.  We had actually gone early and picked up lunch, then we took Elise to get a new phone during her lunch hour.  She was pleasantly surprised.  We upgraded her old phone to an iPhone 3 (an old model) that we had from work.  Gabe and Seth protested at the unfairness of it all.  They were allowed to buy and iTouch once they were 14, but still had to use basic phones.  This meant they carried 2 devices around all the time.  We decided to just skip a step and consolidate Elise into one device.  I guess the girls of the family really do get special treatment around here. ;)  I called her once the phone was swithed over and took a pic to send to John, as he has been gone all week and won't return until Sunday.
 We gave Elise her new phone the day before her actually B-day because on Friday, right after school, she was off with our ward on an overnight Temple Trip.  Seth was able to go as well although he wouldn't pose for a picture.  Gabe was gone to play a football game over in Fruita, CO so he missed it.

Elise had a great time in Monticello.  The youth stayed in a hotel where they got to swim and stay up all night (Our Bishop told us that the Deacons put notes under the Beehives door all night.... things along the lines of "Deacons rule, Beehives drool."  What a wonderful and innocent age!)  They had an evening fireside with one of the Temple Presidency as well as a sunrise hike/devotional at Wilson Arch before getting baptized Saturday morning.  I think it was a pretty great way for Elise to spend her birthday.  I am so glad she is a part of our family.  I spoil her, but I am also hard on her because she is the only girl.  She has really had to step up this year with John being gone,  and me teaching seminary.  She is often responsible for getting herself, Jackson, and Jebb ready and off to the bus in the morning.  She always has a great attitude about it and I am so glad she is here.

A fuzzy quilt from Gma Ross

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