Friday, October 18, 2013

Dairy Queen Dilemma

This afternoon Gabe left town for football, Seth and Elise went on an overnight temple trip, and John is out of town working hard to open a new store.  That left Jackson, Jebb, and I to figure out what to do with ourselves.

Jebb came up with a great idea.  We decided to go by Grandma Kristine's house and visit with her.  When we arrived, Chuey was so excited to be taken for a walk outside that he nearly jumped out of his fur.  After we walked the dog and watched some Andy Griffith, we asked Gma if she'd like to go get something to eat.  She was very excited at this idea and we quickly settled on Dairy Queen because she wanted a milkshake.

We loaded up and headed to town.  The boys were planning their Blizzard flavors when I reminded them they had to eat some food first.  I thought it might be fun for us all to call John while we were there but I looked at my phone and noticed that I only had 4% battery on my phone and I decided I ought to save it in case we really needed it.  I remembered that I didn't have a charger in the car and it would have to last until I got home.

When we arrived at Dairy Queen, we parked and I opened my door.  Chuey (who of course came along) tried to bolt out the opening.  I grabbed him and put him into the back seat where he could wait for us.  I turned back to unbuckle Kristine's seatbelt (she can't seem to figure the buckles out any more) as she was in the passenger seat beside me.  Jebb and Jackson were both hopping out the back doors while trying to keep Chuey contained.

 In all the commotion, somewhere, somehow, some way, I realized that I didn't have my car key-nor was it still in the ignition.  I looked around. Checked my pockets.  Checked my purse. Nada.

The kids were rushing into DQ and encouraging Gma to come along too.

I looked at the floor mats.  I looked under my seat.  I looked in the center console.  I looked in Kristine's seat. I rechecked my pockets.  I rechecked my purse.  Nothing.

Where were those dang keys?

I headed into DQ and helped everyone order dinner.  Strangely, I had lost my appetite.

We went and sat in a booth to await our food.  I told the kids to stay with Gma while I went to check the car again.

Under the seats. In the ignition.  Under the floor mats.

Inside the restaurant, I could see Gma and the kids watching me through the window.  I told the boys what I was doing, but didn't want to alarm Gma.

I began to think of who I might be able to call to help me get Gma back home after dinner and maybe help me get home too.  I looked at my phone.

2% of battery remaining.

I had gone through the car well enough to know I didn't have my phone charger that was normally in my car.  I knew I wouldn't be able to make many calls-I had to make it count.

John was in Utah.  Gabe was in Grand Junction.  Seth  and Elise were on their way to Monticello.

As I thought of friends and neighbors I could call-I had a troubling realization.  If my phone went dead... I would not be able to call them.  I did not know their phone numbers.  They were all in my (almost dead) phone.  I had a couple of numbers memorized from pre-cell-phone days.  My next door neighbors... out of town.  Another further neighbor... heading to Monticello.  I went through the handful of 'by heart' numbers I knew and realized that I had better make my last call on my cell phone count because everyone was gone from town.

I swallowed hard and called Hank.

It rang a few times before going to voice mail.  I talked fast and told him where I was.   Then I sent him  a text.  I was really pinning my hopes on him checking his phone sometime in the near future.  I knew we couldn't eat ice cream all night (although I am sure we could try) and Gma needed to get home pretty soon.

I put my phone to sleep (now at 1%) and said a little prayer before going back inside.

As I walked in the door, my phone rang.  It was Hank! I answered and he told me he was leaving the pit and was on his way!

And then my phone died.

Yeah!  Hank was coming to our rescue!

We ate some fries, then Jebb ran out to the car to look for the keys.  I followed him out deciding I'd better keep looking too.  I started in the back seat and Jebb jumped in the driver's seat.

After a moment Jebb exclaimed that he could see the keys down between the seat and the console.  He had a little trouble, but managed to reach his little hand down in the crevice to retrieve them.

WE FOUND THE KEYS!  We were all so happy we decided to have ice cream cones.  I thought I ought to call Hank, but I didn't know his number (I couldn't even borrow the DQ phone).  So we waited for him to arrive and promptly bought him dinner.  He was extremely gracious and assured us it was not the hassle it was to come all the way into town to help us out.  Thank you Hank for being there for us.  Sorry it ended up being a false alarm.

We managed to get Chuey and Gma home at a decent hour and J&J went home with me for a movie night.  My dilemma at DQ turned out all right.

Moral of the story?  I need a giant key chain.  I need to memorize some phone numbers.  I need to keep my phone charged until said memorization is done.  I need to tell Hank more often how much I appreciate his help and attitude with my family.  I need to leave town when everyone else I know does. I need to eat more ice cream.

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