Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pet Day

Jebb's class had Pet Day today at school.  I was ready to bring Daisy when she decided to run off this morning! Yikes!  We have had a lot of rain lately and she gets frightened by the lightning that sometimes accompanies the showers.  I drove around looking for her and as it got close to the end of the day when all pets were coming to class, I had resolved to stick our half-wild cat into a box and take him.  Luckily, our crazy Daisy appeared out of nowhere (or maybe got returned by an annoyed neighbor??) and I was able to spare the cat a trip to the school.  

Daisy has neither a collar or a leash, so I got a motorcycle strap and fashioned one for her.  Jebb was SO excited that we made it!

 I think it is only in Colorado that someone brings their pet mule in a trailer that says "Haulin' *ss" on it.  This mule was not excited to stand and wait for the students to pet it-stubborn thing! :)

 Thank goodness Daisy returned to save Pet Day for Jebb.  That kid loves his dog and I love him!

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