Monday, September 16, 2013

Bowl Baby

I am not sure if there is a full moon, or it is almost the Fall Solstice, or maybe it's the wet weather, but something strange has happened to me.  A friend of mine at church approached me and asked if I would like to join her bowling team.

Bowling?  Why, no.  I do not bowl.

She was quite persuasive and explained that there are averages and handicaps, and it's all just in good fun.

Um. No.  I don't even break 100 when I bowl.

But it wouldn't even be that often.  In fact, I could just be the 4th person on the 3-man team.  An extra body in case someone else got sick or had a conflict.

Well.  I had thought recently that I needed to get involved in some sort of activity where I could meet new people, not just the new people from church.  Hm.  Maybe I can do it as long as it isn't every week.

No problem.  We will pick you up tomorrow- our 3rd person is out of town.

And so it happened that I have joined a bowling league.

A bowling league.

Yes, a bowling league.

My family reading this in distant places are all laughing at this idea because they have been with me each of the 3 times I have bowled in the last decade (it usually ties in with some sort of Family Reunion activity).

So today I went and bowled for my first time with the bowling league out at the Rolling Thunder alley inside the casino.  Good Times.

I had a freaky experience.

I bowled (on the 2nd of 3 games) a.....wait for it.....a 184!!  I got a bunch of strikes in a row and I noticed it garnered the attention of the other ladies in the league.  I am a little freaked out, because it was most certainly some kind of super funky fluke!!!  And now I have set this really high bar that I will never, ever be able to reach again!! 184!! For those who don't know-that is a super good score for a Monday afternoon women's bowling league.  184-so crazy!!

On the drive home (our team car pools out to the casino), one of our teammates let us know that she has decided to work full time which means I just got bumped to the actual team instead of the alternate position.  Mercy.  Now what?  I will likely never break 100 again.  And, by the way, I don't really bowl.

What have I gotten myself into?  My teammates were gracious enough to immortalize my score for me:

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