Monday, September 30, 2013

Shoveling and Jumping and FHEing

For the past couple of weeks, Seth has been spending a lot of his time after school over on one of our vacant lots with a shovel and a bike.  He has had some help from his friend Kanyon, and the two of them have been building trails and jumps for their mountain bikes.  

Tonight for FHE we all went over to check out his handy work and to snap a few pics.  All of the kids brought their bikes and we had a good time trying out some the trail.

Monticello with Missionaries

 This morning we got to wake up early (5am early!) and drive over to Monticello for a special Monday morning Temple session with the missionaries in our mission.  We drove the 5 sisters from our area over and some other people from our ward drove the Elders serving around here.

It was a really nice experience to see so many young faces in a session and to hear their enthusiasm for the opportunity to attend.  I like missionaries and temples-even more than butterflies and rainbows. ;)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Rainy Fall

We have had a whole lot of rain this fall.  Today seemed especially epic.  We had rain all day along with some huge downpours including some sizeable hail.  

This is the gulch near the gravel pit.  It's usually a tiny stream but it is a muddy stream running a lot of water. The pit, fortunately, has lots of drainage burms that have held well.  We drove up to make sure.

Many of our friends had golf ball sized hail that damaged cars, broke windows, ruined roofs and siding!  Pretty crazy fall weather for around here!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

It's My Birthday and I'll Weed if I Want To

You know you are getting old and weird when you request that your children help you weed the back yard for your birthday.  Everyone got up early and helped me clean out the strawberries and the bark.  I loved every weed attacking moment of it.  Then we went inside and I got to eat a first class breakfast with my work crew.  Thanks to my good family that had a happy attitude about doing extra yard work for me today.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pet Day

Jebb's class had Pet Day today at school.  I was ready to bring Daisy when she decided to run off this morning! Yikes!  We have had a lot of rain lately and she gets frightened by the lightning that sometimes accompanies the showers.  I drove around looking for her and as it got close to the end of the day when all pets were coming to class, I had resolved to stick our half-wild cat into a box and take him.  Luckily, our crazy Daisy appeared out of nowhere (or maybe got returned by an annoyed neighbor??) and I was able to spare the cat a trip to the school.  

Daisy has neither a collar or a leash, so I got a motorcycle strap and fashioned one for her.  Jebb was SO excited that we made it!

 I think it is only in Colorado that someone brings their pet mule in a trailer that says "Haulin' *ss" on it.  This mule was not excited to stand and wait for the students to pet it-stubborn thing! :)

 Thank goodness Daisy returned to save Pet Day for Jebb.  That kid loves his dog and I love him!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Bowl Baby

I am not sure if there is a full moon, or it is almost the Fall Solstice, or maybe it's the wet weather, but something strange has happened to me.  A friend of mine at church approached me and asked if I would like to join her bowling team.

Bowling?  Why, no.  I do not bowl.

She was quite persuasive and explained that there are averages and handicaps, and it's all just in good fun.

Um. No.  I don't even break 100 when I bowl.

But it wouldn't even be that often.  In fact, I could just be the 4th person on the 3-man team.  An extra body in case someone else got sick or had a conflict.

Well.  I had thought recently that I needed to get involved in some sort of activity where I could meet new people, not just the new people from church.  Hm.  Maybe I can do it as long as it isn't every week.

No problem.  We will pick you up tomorrow- our 3rd person is out of town.

And so it happened that I have joined a bowling league.

A bowling league.

Yes, a bowling league.

My family reading this in distant places are all laughing at this idea because they have been with me each of the 3 times I have bowled in the last decade (it usually ties in with some sort of Family Reunion activity).

So today I went and bowled for my first time with the bowling league out at the Rolling Thunder alley inside the casino.  Good Times.

I had a freaky experience.

I bowled (on the 2nd of 3 games) a.....wait for it.....a 184!!  I got a bunch of strikes in a row and I noticed it garnered the attention of the other ladies in the league.  I am a little freaked out, because it was most certainly some kind of super funky fluke!!!  And now I have set this really high bar that I will never, ever be able to reach again!! 184!! For those who don't know-that is a super good score for a Monday afternoon women's bowling league.  184-so crazy!!

On the drive home (our team car pools out to the casino), one of our teammates let us know that she has decided to work full time which means I just got bumped to the actual team instead of the alternate position.  Mercy.  Now what?  I will likely never break 100 again.  And, by the way, I don't really bowl.

What have I gotten myself into?  My teammates were gracious enough to immortalize my score for me:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Treasure Lies Inside

Driving home today, there was a big rainbow in the sky and it followed us as we went up the hill to our house.  I decided to drive out to the well pad so that I could take this picture.  Yes, the rainbow does indeed end at our home.  We don't have any gold, but I feel like I have a family that is a true treasure and we live here. :)