Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jebb is Baptized!

What a wonderful day it has been.  Today Jebb turned 8 and was baptized on his birthday just like his 4 older siblings.  But this baptism was a little different because instead of being baptized by John, Jebb was baptized by his oldest brother Gabe.  John was able to confirm Jebb and give him the Gift of the Holy Ghost.  We were able to share the day with lots of family and friends.  It was really and truly wonderful.

We had talked about Gabe baptizing Jebb several months ago, but John didn't want any of the kids to feel favored or slighted, so we kind of let it drip.  But a few days ago, Jebb brought it up and was very anxious to have Gabe perform the baptism.  I left the decision up to John, and after talking to the kids he thought it would be a nice thing.  Gabe was really great about it.  He was thoughtful and deliberate.  He practiced the prayer in the car on the way to the church just to be sure he got it right. :)  Just before the ordinance, I reached over and patted his shoulder.  He reached up to touch my hand and I realized just how nervous he was from his sweaty palms. heehee  But he did a fine job and all went well.

Jebb kept peeking out at me as he was being confirmed and we shared several sweet smiles as I blinked my eyes hard to say 'close your eyes.'

The whole thing was so emotional for me.  My oldest baby baptizing my youngest.  I thought it would be neat, but was unprepared for just how deeply it affected me.  And it was utterly fantastic.  I can truly say that today was one of my sweetest parenting days.  To have oldest son worthy and willing to perform this saving ordinance for my last child was just extraordinary.   It was the icing on the cake to have our family there as well.  G&G Ross, The Hannays, & the Martins were there from my side.  G Kristine, Aunt Jan, Megan's family, and Hank were all there on John's side (sadly, Jan and Megan had to leave before the picture. Thank you Jan for giving the opening prayer!).  I was also grateful for our close friends in the ward that made the effort to attend.  They truly our our extended family here in town and it was a blessing to have those men confirm Jebb.  What a great priesthood example for him.

I am so grateful for the special young man that Jebb is.  He is has such a cheerful and loving disposition.   He is the perfect youngest brother for all of the kids in our family.  And of course I smile every time he asks to sit by me, no matter where we are.  I am so glad that we decided to have one more child after Jackson (John thought we were done ;)).  Jebb completes our family and adds a lot of happiness to it.  Jackson and Jebb are best friends and I am so glad to have them.

I know I am gushing a lot, but I am just overwhelmed with gratitude for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the family bonds it helps to forge.  What a blessing it is in my life!!! And what a blessing the memory of this day will always be to me. :)

G&G Ross gave the talks on Baptism and the HG

Practicing for the awesome musical number
(A very 'reverent' rendition of The Armies of Helaman)

The Hannays with Jebb

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meegz said...

We were happy to be invited and thrilled that it worked out that we were in town.:) Thanks for the opportunity!