Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Break SLC 13-Around SLC

We are on our Spring Break and I had originally planned a trip for our family to New York State to visit the Sacred Grove and surrounding church history sites as well as Niagra Falls.  Ya, it didn't really work out and I don't want to really blame anyone, but let's just say it is all John's fault that we didn't go.  He has been working hard to get the first Pie Five location open in Utah and just couldn't get away.  He also didn't want us to go without him, so SLC it was.  He worked a lot while we were there, but managed to go most places with us, even if he was on the phone most of the time. ;)

A lot of our time was spent shopping, which is one of my least favorite things to do. I think I would enjoy it more if I didn't feel pressure to find all of the things we have been needing to buy.  But that is how it goes when you come from a small town to the big city. ;) I will try to hit the highlights that don't involve any retail experiences.

Monday night we had the pleasure of going to Brad and Keryn's new home.  We invited ourselves over and they graciously welcomed us in. Their home is awesome! It is a great location and is perfect for their ever growing gang.


Tuesday we took J&J to the Dinosaur museum.  It was still cold so we had to find indoor activities.  We haven't been there in years and they enjoyed it.


Wednesday we visited Temple Square.  The weather was a little better and we loved looking around. We first went to the Visitor's Center with the statue of Jesus.

Going to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was great. In fact, it was almost the same as visiting upstate NY. I don't know why I was bummed we didn't take that expensive trip. ;)  This is the picture they take of you in the basement.  It's like we are arriving at Ellis Island, which is way cooler than flying into Buffalo like I had planned for us.

We got to watch the story of Joseph Smith's life in the Legacy Theater there.  It was terrific (of course) and helped us visualize all of the events of the Restoration.  As we went around Temple Square we got to see it all from the beginning.  

Young Joseph read in James 1:5 and decided to ask the Lord which church to join.

And much to his surprise, he had the 'First Vision.'
We didn't have to drive to Pennsylvania to see site of the Restoration of the Priesthood. It was captured here in bronze:

We got to see and emulate Joseph and his brother Hyrum.  (I took a pic just like this in Nauvoo with Gabe and Seth posing like the statue-too bad I lost the camera it was on.)  Jebb and Jackson liked posing like the amazing brothers. 

We had lunch at the top of the JSM Building which offered a fantastic view of the Temple, where of course, we saw the Angel Moroni (who needs to go to the Hill Cumorah?).  We also go to have smoothies. ;)

Instagram Collage

Jebb and Jackson said that this is the temple they want to get married in-just like John and I did! <3 p="">

Because it had just been General Conference, the kids were interested in visiting the Conference Center where it is broadcast from.  But first we stopped in to see the Tabernacle, where we would all come back in the day (I went there several times in my college years and sat on the lawn).  When we got inside, there was someone playing the famous organ.  I have to admit, I was freaked out by the absolute smallness of the tabernacle interior!  How did we ever have our Gen Conf from there?! Crazy!

Then we headed over to the new(er) Conference Center.  You can't just walk around it, you must have a tour guide.  It was much bigger! Our guide reminded us that Pres. Hinckley commented when it first opened that he didn't know if we would ever fill it.  Of course now, you can hardly get in without getting tickets far in advance.  Elise and I remembered how we had come to conference and attended the very last session before Pres. Hinckley passed away.  Read about it that experience HERE (it's a pretty good one).

Looking down from the top floor
The Walnut wood podium the GA's speak from
Looking up towards the seats

There are lots of cool details in the Conf Center

And some really cool original art.  I like the BofM pics the best.

It was a really nice day of playing tourist downtown.  I would have loved to have spent even more time at places like Welfare Square and the Church History Museum.  But the kids were troopers to go as long as we did without breaking into any major brawls. ;)  

We did make a couple of pit stops on the way home...

At the house of one of my old mission companions. It was her Bday and we went right I had to drop by! Of course she was thrilled to see me. heehee

Then we swung up to Holliday so John could make a meeting with a contractor at our first Pie Five location.  It's looking good, but there is still much to do on the inside before April 26th.

We finally made it home where before hitting the hay, we played a card game with the Hannays. It was so fun! We love those guys!


Thursday was here and it was time for the BigGtribe to head home.  Gabe and John left at 4am so Gabe could make track practice, but we took our time heading home. It was so leisurely in fact, that we even stopped at Wilson Arch (normally I want to make good time with minimal stops, but about 20 minutes into this trip I changed my mind-good call.)

While it was nice to go to Utah to visit family and Upstate NY ala Temple Square, it is always nice to come home. :)  The weather is chillier than I like for Spring Break, but seeing friends and family warmed me up nicely!


Keryn said...

It was so incredible to have you and your family visit us. We sure love you guys very much, and are grateful we are family!!!

Kelly said...

Any Pie Fives in the SJ area? We had a great experience with the manager of Dickey's here. We eat there a lot, but ordering for a big crowd is a different story.