Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break in SLC 2013

 We chose to head to SLC for General Conference weekend.  We stayed with both the Hannays and my parents.  I will hit some of the fun highlights of the weekend.

Being in Utah, we had to go to Cafe Rio!  Steve was the lucky one that got to sit with Jebb and Jackson.  They played a game of 'lets see who can eat hot sauce on chips.'  They love Steve and he proved his toughness once again by eating even the hottest sauce.

Ty's darling fiance, Jordan, called Kim to invite us to all come and see her try on wedding dresses. So OF COURSE we jumped at the chance!  I took this picture of all of us looking at her.  I was trying to keep her dress a secret until she is ready.  But I just have to was so fun! And she is going to be so gorgeous!  
 We played some volleyball and the kids had so much fun that the boys were almost late to Priesthood session. ;)  John said the chapel was so full from just 3 wards that it filled the whole gym back to the stage!  I think the Men enjoyed going together.  I didn't get a pic of it, but the girls (Me, Kim, Mom, Lauren and Elise) went and got pedicures together.  We looked fabulous.  I guess it is the nail salon that Jordan (Ty's sweety) goes too.  The workers there called them the Barbie family. :)  It was such a fun Saturday conference day!

Sunday morning Kim spoiled us all with her yummy cinnamon french toast.  There were a lot of hungry kids to feed and we all came away full and happy as we listened to the morning session.

I love General Conference and it was fun to spend it with my family.  We haven't done that in a while so it was fun to lounge and listen together.

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