Monday, April 29, 2013

Pie5 Opens in SLC!

We headed up to SLC this weekend for the Grand Opening of John's first Pie Five store.  It is also the first franchised store to open, so there were a lot of big wigs from Texas coming to see how it all went.  John has been gone for a looong stretch getting ready for this, so we were glad to go and see him.  Unfortunately, there were a million things going on this weekend at home.  We ended up leaving Gabe and Elise at home.  They both had track meets to go to-Elise here at home, and Gabe in Denver.  Elise stayed with her dear friend Afton while Gabe was gone which was really nice.  

Jackson stayed home from school to help me get packed up and ready to go.  We picked up Jebb downtown because his class was on a fieldtrip to a history museum.  Then we swung into the High School to get Seth.  Because no one stayed around long enough for lunch, we stopped to get some here in town.  This is not my lunch, but I was dreading this drive, so I decided I'd better get us all some yummy road trip food so we could arrive with a smile. I think it worked. 

Seth drove a lot of the way which was awesome until we hit the Interstate....  yikes, I am a worry wart.  Seth did a fine job but I must have driven him nuts!!

Friday was the 'Friends and Family' day at Pie5.  It is basically where we invite F&F to come and be our guinea pigs the day before the official opening, and they get to enjoy a free meal. :)  Pie 5 is a personal pizza made just for you.  You pick the toppings and the crust.  It bakes while you wait and it is goooood! John had put in many long days getting ready for this (I am talking 6am-midnight every day) and F&F was no exception.  Because I had the kids with me, I was only there for abbreviated hours, but I really enjoyed it because we did get to see a lot of Friends and Family! :)
Lunch was kinda crazy because we have an entirely new crew that had never made pizza for an actual customer before (they had of course been training all week).  But it went all right.  The oven is driving John a little crazy, but all of the corporate peeps were working on it.

Between lunch and dinner Becky and Angi came to eat.  They are from our area so it was fun to see them and meet Becky's new baby, Emery.  Their sister Jenny also came in at dinner later with her hubby.

The local news was broadcasting live from our store in anticipation of our opening the next day.  They did the weather report during the early evening hours.  Brad (my little bro) and his family all came in around this time. Two of their boys ended up being on live TV! How fun is that!?

Soon after this, it starting getting really, really crazy.  We had a lot of people coming in. Our employees were allowed to invite 1 friend, but I think lots of extra people came too.  John said that there were actually people that showed up and ordered 6-7 pizzas to go (all free).  I thought that was pretty nervy. :/ But I guess it is good practice (?).

Fortunately, we did not limit ourselves to only inviting 1 person! haha I was so glad to see another Durango native, Kelly, and her cute family.  I also got to visit with one of my dear mission companions and 3 of her girls.  Rod and Jill made it down and it is always too long between visits with them!  Many of John's old friends and mission friends came too.

Of course my family arrived as well with their good friends.  Ty and his fiance's family came too.  It was just so much fun to have everyone come! My only regret is that I did not get more pictures!!!!

There was a huge amount of people that we put through for dinner.  It was 3-4 times more people than the average dinners at other Pie5 stores.  There were some more oven issues, and we almost ran out of food (we make our dough fresh each day), but I think overall it went pretty well.  John was pleased, but exhausted.  I am in awe of his ability to keep on working. He has remarkable stamina and work ethic.  I am always amazed when he is in his work mode.

After our trial by fire on F&F, opening day seemed like a piece of cake! John had a ribbon cutting ceremony with the city, and we were open for paying customers! :)  Seth, Jackson, and Jebb had done so well traveling up here that we decided to go to the zoo instead of make them wipe down tables all day.  It was a perfect weather day and we all had such a nice day.  It's weird how different the dynamics of the family are when you remove 2 kids.
 We were watching a gorilla and were loving how close he was to us.  A large woman next to us tapped on the glass. The gorilla looked over at her and she bragged about staring at it in the eyes.  Well, it did NOT like that, and he charged and slammed into the glass right in front of her! Jebb noted that she said a bad word.  It was all pretty exciting, but a little freaky too.  That guy is powerful!  I guess that lady didn't read this sign.

We compare ourselves in size to the gorillas...

Jackson wanted to see how he measured up

Seth wore his giraffe t-shirt-on accident

 We got super close to the giraffes as they were being fed. Seth tried to pet one but got in trouble by the feeder lady.
We learned that Seth is the large-cat-whisperer.  All of the large cats would come right over to him.  It was cool, although kinda weird.  ;)  This is a linx listening to Seth whisper.  Jackson and I could see them through the glass from the far side of this enclosure.  We finally went over to the glass where Seth was, because that is the only place that Linx wanted to be.
Then it was the Siberian Tiger.  Pretty cool.  There were other big cats that did the same thing, even one called a Palace Cat which is apparently rarely seen in the day.  It stood up when Seth came and showed us his teeth over and over. It looked like it was hissing, but didn't make a noise.

We had a nice day together and stopped by Pie 5 on our way home too (it's just off the 215).  John was still there (of course) but he was not looking well.  He had finally hit the wall.  He came home a few hours later with a bad migraine headache.  He told me later that the Williams brothers had come to the store and he was so sick he couldn't even talk to them. :( Sad.   But after a good long rest, John got a little mojo back.  Enough, in fact, to spend some time with us on Saturday.

We mini golfed and hit in the batting cages.  It was fun. :)  I am not a good putter, but I am not a bad hitter. ;)  The boys wanted to keep hitting, they loved it and all improved each time.

It is always a different dynamic traveling without a few family members.  Seth was a great 'big bro' to J&J this whole trip.  It was fun to see him step into the oldest kid roll.  We had a really nice Sunday afternoon hanging with the Hannays.  I really needed to get on the road, but we ended up just lingering longer and longer! ;)  Although, with food like they feed us, can you really blame us?

We stopped again at Wilson Arch on the way home. I think we have stopped more there in the last month than we have our whole lives.  J&J think that it is just what we do now.  I guess it is a good stopping point.  John drove his car home with Seth, so I was glad to stretch my legs and say hello to them.

I missed Gabe and Elise. They had a good weekend too and I am grateful for the folks back home that help out with our family.  We sure do have a lot of blessings going on in our lives right now that are keeping us on our toes.  I just want to be sure the the busyness doesn't keep us from being close, and I think this trip helped with that.

Eat at Pie Five! ;)  

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Kara said...

I always enjoy reading your blog Michelle! My mom said she saw you at a Seminary Training meeting yesterday :) I am totally going to check out Pie 5 next time I'm SLC! I'm going up there next month for a Strohecker wedding. So fun to see Angie and Becky Young there! So, now that it's open, how much time will John be spending there? Like what are the chances he'd be there when I go the first weekend in June? Haha!