Saturday, March 16, 2013

St Patty's Day 2013

In celebration of St Patty's Day we had the pleasure of attending the annual school fundraiser.  I don't know why, but these type of carnivals rank at the bottom of my list of Things I Enjoy.  That's right, I do not enjoy them.  

I know I should change my mind and I honestly try to gear up for them each time, but the sad reality is that I fear I am becoming my dad.  He never too us to the zoo, a circus, a carnival, a fair, or anything of the sort.  He apparently did not like them either.  And yes, I did feel jipped by this as a kid, so I therefore attend.

We ended up getting there just as the dinner was winding down and we didn't have to search for a table where we would all fit (I think that contributes to my dislike factor).  It helped that  Gabe was at a track meet and Seth and Elise didn't care if they sat by us.  ;)  

My friend Lucy had arrived before us and we found a spot near her family.  Just then, the auction (remember it's a fundraiser) was ramping up in the gym.  Jebb and Jackson took off to play the games in different classrooms and John went in to see what was on the auction block. I just sat and complained to poor Lucy about my dread of these types of things and she was a gracious listener.  

A while later, John came back into the cafeteria to see where I was.  I told him we had to buy at least one thing at the auction to dampen the guilt I sometimes feel at not volunteering in school.  He went back in and returned a short time later to let me know that he had just bought an apple pie.  That sounded yummy!  

And he had paid $500 for it!!!!!!!!!!!

I about fell off the cafeteria table bench.  He explained that he couldn't really hear the auctioneer and just kept bidding because I had told him we needed to buy something and he knew I liked apple pie.  He said he was very surprised when the auctioneer finally yelled "SOLD! For $500!!"  He said that he thinks he may have just been bidding against himself for the last little while.  That's how much he couldn't hear what was going on. 

Well, that ought to take care of a lot of guilt.  I enjoy thinking of it as buying indulgences in a parenting kind of way.  And I feel really good about it. ;)  Happy St Patricks Day everyone, I am going to eat a $100 slice of pie.

Jackson got a temporary tattoo...he chose the placement

The solid gold pie

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Lucy said...

This is so funny to me but a good way to get out of the guilt of volunteering (though pricey). I got the guilt last week and shopped for the Escalante PTO and it was the worst thing! I vowed to stick to my non-volunteering ways in the future. it's painful!

The pie was yummy!