Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seth at Alta/Gabe in Pueblo

John has been in Utah for the week.  A friend of ours that is currently living in Switzerland was also there on some business and had organized a 'guys' ski trip.  Seth caught a ride after school on Thursday up to Utah and was able to join in (poor Gabe had basketball).

They went skiing on Friday and it looks like they had fun.  Not that I heard that from Seth ;).  Another boy that went happens to be my Instagram friend and he posted several fun looking shots.  Seth did tell me that night how big the mountain there was.  While John couldn't join them on Friday (work, work, work) he did manage to go on Saturday.  He was having an absolutely fantastic time until he took a jump, way over shot it, and landed on the flats where he "compressed" his neck and back.  He also mentioned the word "whiplash" when describing his symptoms to me later.  The really bummer part is that it was on his first run of the day. He spent the rest of the day just resting. :(

Seth was undeterred and got the most out of his time on the mountain.  I am glad he has good men to look up to and to hang out with.  John and I are grateful for our responsible, well educated friends that can be good role models for our kids. :)  Seth also got to do a lot of the driving home which he thought was pretty cool.  John will be a little slower for a while, but some ice and a Chiropractor will be helpful.

Gabe missed the whole trip which was a bummer.  He was not excited to be traveling to Pueblo instead of SLC.  After winning their first round of play at a home game, the Varsity Bball team had to travel to Pueblo for the next round.  They had a really tough opponent and were unable to win.  Gabe didn't play which made missing Alta even worse.

It was nice on Sunday to have the whole family back together and we will savor it until John leaves again midweek.

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Lucy said...

Bummer about John's back. Hope those chiropractic sessions work! What a fun trip for Seth though! I think you have been making some smart parent moves this year in both reward/family/consequence schools of thought. Alta is a great place to ski although I've never even attempted those chutes. Perhaps someone my level doesn't need to travel if I don't need the steeps! But that's no fun!:)