Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Projects

The weekend we finally get John home, and all of the kids leave town! ;)  Gabe went to New Mexico for a (very windy) track meet where he competed in High Jump and Pole Vault.  He did really well.  Seth and Elise got up early to go to Utah for a Temple Trip to Monticello.  I am so glad they got to go together-no better place to be on a Saturday!  Jackson and Jebb were home and we had fun hanging out  saying, "This is what it would be like to only have 2 kids."

John is a man that must have a project and he found one today.  For a long time, when we shower too long, the ceiling in J&J's room leaks.  I am weird because, although I know this is obviously a problem, I had zero desire to tackle this issue.  I just knew that once the ceiling was open, it meant we actually had to do the work to fix it.  It wasn't so bad just putting a towel on the floor to catch the occassional drip.  And with John leaving town tomorrow, I had a feeling it would just stay a big hole.

He couldn't find the exact problem, so he decided to cut a hole in the wall next to our shower.

That didn't help either.

And sure enough he is leaving town and I have two holes in the wall.  I had to wonder about myself when I told John I wished he had just left it alone.  He asked me if I wanted to fix the problem.  I said no, I didn't.  Does this mean anything on a deep psychological level? Probably. But I was pretty good living in denial.

Everyone made it home safe and sound and we were back to knowing what it was like to have 5 kids, which is the way I prefer it! :)

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