Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Principal's Pride

Our elementary school has a system for rewarding positive behavior.  If a student is 'caught' doing something good, they are given a "Silver Bulldog Award" with the good behavior noted on the card.  Once a student has collected 10 Silver Bulldogs, they earn a "Principal's Pride Award" and get to eat lunch with the principal and call home to tell their parents how good they have been.

Jackson has been trying lately to earn a PPA by earning and saving up SBAs.  Last week he finally got his Award and had lunch with the principal.  He chose to call John on the phone since he was out of town.  I was so happy he had earned it that I told he we needed to take a picture and post it on my blog.  And I AM proud of Jackson!  He really has been trying to earn that thing.

Jebb happened to be standing close by when I was praising Jackson and quietly mentioned that I had not taken his picture with his PPAs that he had earned.  He was right!  I hadn't taken a picture with Jebb, because he usually brings home a steady stream of Silver Bulldog Awards which earn him the Principal's Pride Award on a regular basis.  I apologized and tried to tell Jebb that I was proud of him too.  But Jebb was right, I didn't make a big deal of it, although I did display all of his awards on the door.  Jebb said he was glad Jackson finally got to eat with the principal too. (Sidenote: Jebb is the best brother ever to Jackson!)

So today when Jebb brought home another PPA, I took pictures of both boys.  I was glad to see that they graciously praised one another and didn't really compare achievement. They are both good boys and I am glad to see both of them working to help other students.

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Lucy said...

This cracks me up as I most certainly disappoint my kids when I pick those things up (they are always on the floor!) and put them in their own memory boxes rather than display them. I'm glad that they do this because positive motivation is good yada yada yada.

Proud of Jackson. And Jebb. They are both super.