Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Nate's Mission Call

My nephew Nate put in his papers to serve a mission just a week and a half ago.  He met with the Stake President on Sunday the 10th,  after which the Stake President submitted the paperwork to SLC.  By March 14th (Thursday) Nate's Bishop received a text that the call had been extended and he should look for it in the mail the next week!  That is crazy, fast turn around time!

We all submitted our guesses:
John-Denmark, Michelle-Brazil, Gabe-South America, Seth-Guatemala, Elise-Portugal, Jackson-New Mexico (the mission we live in), and Jebb-Colorado.  We thought he might go Portuguese speaking because both Steve and now Eric learned that language.  We did an exercise in Seminary last week where the kids got to get a 'mission call' and we learned that there are over 400 missions in the church now! So our odds of guessing correctly just keep getting slimmer as more missions are added, although I don't think I mind that too much. ;)

The call arrived at the Hannay's home this morning.  I remember waiting for my call and it was closer to 5 weeks to get mine!! Pretty amazing!  We were able to facetime in so we could see him open the envelope.  I was so glad all of our kids were home and anxious to be a part of this special time. I took this screen shot on my phone of Nate opening his call.  Isn't technology cool?!

We all waited anxiously to see where in the world Nate would be spending the next two years (Seth even had the globe handy in case it was somewhere we didn't recognize).  Nate slowly read to us that he was called to serve in the Argentina, Cordoba Mission!  He will be leaving on July 31st to report in Provo.

This is such an exciting time for Nate and all those that love him. I am so proud he has decided to serve a mission.  I cannot believe he is old enough to go! Nate was born while I was living in Provo and working at Magleby's.  I had to work and missed his actual birth, but got to meet him shortly thereafter. I met John just a short time after that, so we both have known him his whole life.  Nate is going to be an exceptional missionary and brings lots of talents that will serve him and the people of Argentina well.  He isn't learning Portuguese, but I am sure he is going right where the Lord wants him. 

I got very emotional thinking about Nate and all of his family and friends around him to support him as he got his call. What a blessing that is for him.  Gabe is only a couple of years from going himself, with Seth a year later.   I am glad we are a part of such an amazing church where our boys have the chance to become men by forgetting themselves for 2 years serving people they have never met.  I hope my kids all have the chance to go! 

Thank you Nate for your example and for sharing this really great moment with us! We love and pray for you and your success serving the Lord!

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