Thursday, March 14, 2013

Blue and Gold 2013

Tonight John took Jackson to the Blue and Gold Scout banquet.  Jebb came along with them too.  Poor Jackson has a mom that has too many things going on and fails to take him to Scouts very often.  But luckily Jackson doesn't care too much and he went and had a great time.  The theme was 'Magic' and there was a magician who performed for them.  The boys were impressed and pleased when they got their own wands to take home.  John said he was a little bummed when he didn't get any awards, but I am trying to look at it as motivation for us to renew our Scouting efforts. ;)  Or something like that...

Gabe and Seth went to play basketball which left just Elise and I to fend for ourselves at dinner.  You know what I really love about Elise?  She likes to go to Tequila's with me and order Shirley Temples with our fajitas!  What a daughter!

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