Thursday, February 28, 2013

Where John Has Been

 John has been traveling for several months.  I have already complained on this blog about the fact that I miss him when he is gone.  I thought I would post some pics he has sent me over the months showing me what he was up to.

This is a Pie Five store in Texas.  John had to be there to train as a franchise owner for 3 weeks.  Luckily he got to split it up over a couple of trips before and after Christmas.  He really enjoyed the people he met and got to work with.

A typical store
Pie, in 5 minutes

John met his twin in Texas

Texas was only for 3 weeks. Other weeks he has been up in Utah getting stores opened.  He has been staying at my parents house when he is there.  He told me this last time he was home, that he thinks he would go crazy if he didn't have my family to stay with.  He usually just sleeps there, but he said it is nice to have them to say hi to in the morning and night.  He puts in really long days and calls us as he is driving to check things out.

The room where he spends lots of time ;) (Utah office)
Future Pie Five Location
I am grateful that John is such a hard worker.  I know he puts in days that are longer than mine and he never complains about it the way I do. ;)  While he is working on this new business, he also takes time to manage the pit back here in Durango.  He is calling his managers and sub-contractors, as well as all the different government officials he gets to constantly work with.  We have excavation crews that are working out of state and he has managed to keep up with them as well.  It is all quite mind boggling to me and when I think about it too much it kind of freaks me out.  It is definitely a struggle and a stretch to have him gone, but I think he has had the hardest row to hoe out of all of us.   Thank you John for all you do!

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Lucy said...

I love seeing the pictures. John is quite a guy and does so much for so many. And I want a Pie Five here! It looks delicious!