Saturday, August 4, 2012

RR12-Towns and Forts

Today we headed to a picturesque little town down by the ocean called Port Townsend.  I thought it was another great choice by the Rosses to help us all learn about the local flavor.  There were lots of cool local shops as well as some interesting art displays.  Elise and Jebb liked an old anchor they found, but we could not coax a smile out of Jackson.

We didn't see the big boys until it was time for lunch, then somehow they found us in an old fashioned ice cream diner so that we could buy them lunch. ;)  It took some quality cousin time for Jackson to finally grin.

After we saw all of the sights, we were off again. This time we went to play capture the flag (or in this case, the hat).  We went to these amazing bunkers at a place called Fort Worden.   It's an old military bunker built around the turn of the last century.  It was used by the military until the 50's. The fort is along the coast and is now a State Park where anyone can go and camp out.  It was the perfect place to play as it had tons of empty rooms and places to hide and sneak around.  Everyone really liked this activity.

Ty captures the 'flag' with Blake on his heels

We then learned that this was only a small portion of all the buildings.  We decided to hike up to the other area that faced out over the ocean.  It was greatly expanded during WWI and we could see where old guns used to point out to the sea.   There were countless stairways and rooms to explore.  But I thought it was just a cool place to take pictures of all of my peeps.

It was quite a hike up to the big bunkers



Jackson points the way

Hangin with the cousins

Such a poser! ;)

Skip and Laurene

Kim and Steve

Hard to see, but Gabe and Ty are way up in this HUGE tree

When we got home tonight, everyone was pretty tired, but we all decided to make a 'Hello Seattle' video similar to the one the Skip's family did.  We all lip synced in front of the green screen and it will be fun to see how it turns out.  We had to do some heavy duty persuasion to get Gabe to participate, but  I think he will be glad someday. ;)  You can find a link to the movies HERE.  The Rosses are the first video, and they are PRO!  The whole gang was a little rougher, but we got to see everyone. It is a keeper!

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