Friday, August 3, 2012

RR12- Sport and Sea (and Family Pictures)

The Rosses planned an activity this morning for all of us that I think will become a mainstay in future reunions.  Everyone went over to the church for some basketball and volleyball.  I think these guys would have stayed all day had we let them, but we had other things to do too!

The Rosses know some people that live right on the water.  They own some sea kayaks and graciously let us come over and use them.  They were really nice ones and although it was a bit windy, everyone had a good time paddling around.  We are having some really great weather.  I guess it hasn't been a really warm summer up until recently.  We are loving it!  It has been green, lush, and sunny for us.
The home we got to crash

Cousins by the sea


Elise paddles out

Jack is ready to go

Keryn takes Ezra (she was a trooper
and paddled all of her kids around!)

Heber digs it

Jacks hunts sand dollars

Mercy hangs with Laurene

Gabe swims by Elise from a faraway platform

Gabe enjoyed his swim in the chilly water


Elise finds sand dollars too


By the sea

Gabe and Nate catch some rays

John and I gave it a whirl

Everyone had a great time and we brought home a lot of sand dollars.  It was a really great way to enjoy the ocean.  OK, I have to post this next pic because this is the coolest thing about our giant camper shell. It has an outside hose to get sand off your feet before you get back in the truck! ;)

We all cruised back to the house to get ready for FAMILY PICTURES! My favorite tradition.  Although it is not my favorite thing to do, it is my favorite thing to look back on.  We went to a really cool beach on the far side of the island and we were racing the sun to get there before dark.

It was such a picturesque place and with the sun going down, it almost looks like we are on a fake background!  But it is all real and just that pretty! :)

Getting Situated...we all know the drill ;)
The Ross Gang!

The Ross Family

The Hannay Family
The Ross Family

The Gilleland Family


 John wanted a pic of the two of us, and after almost falling into the ocean, we still couldn't get one with both of us looking and our eyes open. Silly.

We worked so hard to get those pics that we decided to reward ourselves with a trip to Mora's, an ice cream shop on the island.  It was yummy!

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