Wednesday, August 1, 2012

RR12-Getting to Seattle

After a cozy night's sleep, we were off ERTing again.  I had always heard that northern Idaho was lovely, and it is true.  Coeur d'Alene with it's enormous lake and lush green landscape made for a scenic morning of driving.  We drove out of the panhandle and finally into Washington State. We continued West on I-90 through Spokane, then lots of agricultural land.  It felt like we were making real progress when we finally crossed the Columbia River.  It was fun to imagine what Lewis and Clark must have thought as they passed this way.  Although, the giant windmills on the other side of the river were distinctly modern.

The bridge over the river

It's a big river!
 On we drove.  There are a lot of trees in the State of Washington.  We were cruising happily along on I-90 when we noticed something hanging off the top side of the camper.  We pulled over.
Shwew.  Good thing we stopped!  You can see the Elise's luggage had worked it's way out of the bungee net that held our stuff on top of our new home.  John rearranged the bags when I hollered up that he ought to count the bags.

Dang.  One missing!  Looking them over, we realized that all of Seth's things were somewhere along the interstate.  Anywhere along the interstate (??).  With the reunion due to commence this very evening, there was no time to drive backwards, and with the interstate being very divided, we wouldn't have had great odds at finding it.  So on we drove through the trees.  As is often the case, at the edge of what appeared to be a city, there was the North Bend outlet mall.  We drove in and told Seth he had an hour to find some stuff to bring to Seattle.  He had packed 3 pairs of shoes and was hopeful he would have them replaced by us, but we only got the bare minimum, and resumed our ERT.

When you are near the end of your trip it seems like everything takes a little longer.  We were all pretty excited when we made it to the city of Seattle.

Leaving Seattle

Almost to Bainbridge
The Rosses actually live west of Seattle on Bainbridge Island.  We pulled up just in time to catch the ferry across the Sound.  If felt good to be traveling while walking around with the wind blowing our hair. :)

We were so excited when we arrived at the Rosses beautiful home! They had worked hard to get ready for us and it showed!  In short order, all of us arrived.  We all took slightly different routes to get here, but we all made it safe and sound.  We had a mini campground going on in the back yard.
We were ready for the Ross Reunion 2012 to commence! Yahoo!  We were sad that the Martins (in Texas...too far) as well as our Parents (George and Eva-on a mission in Cove Fort) were not 
here. But with the Hannays, the Brad Rosses, Us (the Gillybillies), and the Skip Rosses acting as hosts, we were sure to have some fun.

The Gang's all here

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