Monday, August 6, 2012

RR12- The ERT Continues

When we got up this morning we decided to take in the sights.  We went to Cannon Beach which is kind of famous from the 80s movie, "The Goonies." Haystack Rock can be seen as the pirate ship sails out (I think... the 80s was a long time ago...).

"J + M" written by Jebb (love the backwards J)

While it was a warm sunny day, there were still some clouds and it was no Southern California summer day. ;)  We dug in the sand and buried children.   We built human pyramids and photo bombed one another.  Good times.  The beach is really long and made a cool reflection in the still water that washed ashore. The big boys were hoping to surf, but it wasn't breaking that way.

It was time to start heading Eastward, and we headed toward Portland, OR.  We got there in the afternoon, but didn't have time to see much.  As is sometimes the case with an ERT, you need more Trip on the Road and less playing around.
Portland from the car window
I was amazed at how quickly it heated up once we left the coast.  We ERTed along quite well and decided we'd take the Hannays advice and check out Multnomah Falls along I-84.  The weather here was a far cry from the chilly, breezy coast this morning.  We were in the Columbia River Gorge and it was flat out HOT. The kids were still choosing to ride in the camper which was like sitting in a giant blowdryer (with the windows open and the hot air blowing through).

Columbia River Gorge

Super Toasty! 103

Walking up to the falls and buying ice cream cones there was a welcome break.  We cooled off and enjoyed the beauty.  We dipped our feet in the river and loved the cold water.

Seth and Elise

Jacks and I stay at the bottom

Seth, Gabe, Jebb, John

Two more hours along the gorge and the kids were ready to stop for dinner at a place with air conditioning.  We stopped at a park where the Hood River feeds into the Columbia.  I am not sure what the event was, but there were literally hundreds of parasailers and wind surfers enjoying the warm sunny day. It looked so fun we were tempted to rent a few. ;)  But the road called to us and we had to move on.

The rest of our day would consist of driving, and more driving.  We went through Boise really late at night and I begged John to stop.  But ERTer that he is, he pressed on until he could go no further and we slept at a truck stop near Burley.

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