Thursday, August 2, 2012

RR12- A Day in the City

Today we all loaded onto the ferry and headed into the big city (Seattle).  We were on foot as most things are quite close and we were excited to see some of the highlights of the town.   We just missed one ferry, but with a group like this you can have fun even in a ferry terminal.

The Ross Gang-what a good looking group of kiddos!

The Rosses booked us all a cool Duck Tour which took us all around Seattle and even out into the Sound.  Getting there was half the fun.  We are quite a crowd!

It was a really smart way to start off the reunion because we got a great overview of the city.  Seattle has some interesting history and some big art too.  Did you know Seattle burned down at the end of the 1800's and when they  rebuilt, they did so knowing that they would bury the first floors of all the buildings.  There is an actual Seattle underground now.

Giant Popsicle-Jackson actually
licked this later in the day...

We made it 

We had fun checking out all of the public art as we walked around downtown.

Claire and Elise brave some waterfall art

Elise and I

Cool Trees, yes they are alive

Elise makes a new friend


Of course we had to check out the Farmer's Market at Pikes Place. It was pretty cool. Elise and I both had to buy some flowers.  They were so beautiful and affordable we couldn't resist!

We all found something to look at.  And everyone found something they wanted.

Weird, low-walled public restrooms

Knives, knives, knives

We met up with the big boys and headed to a place the Hannays told us about.  It was gross! Yet fascinating. :)  It was a wall of gum.  Gum everywhere.  People chewing and sticking.

Gabe, Jackson, Seth, and Nate

Jack, (Eric), Seth, and Ty

Gabe adds his gum

Aunt Kim

Mormons were here (CTR)

"I stepped in gum"

Steve sticks his gum up high
We thought it might be fun to ride the Ferris Wheel by the water.  It went up high!  J&J and Elise went with John and I.

When people heard we were going to Seattle, several of them said we had to eat at Ivars.  So we did.  I think the seagulls got more of our dinner than we did, but I think that's the allure. ;)

It was a fun, full day in Seattle.  There sure is a lot to see, but I think we hit a few of the highlights! ;)

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