Tuesday, August 7, 2012

RR12-Back to SLC

This morning John woke up before the sun, and we began the final leg of our journey back to SLC.Now of course, we don't live in Utah, so we still had 7 hours left of ERTing before we got to sleep in our beds.  But SLC was where we began our trip with the camper shell on the truck, so I am considering it a sub-ERT within our larger ERT back to Colorado where we really started.

We spent the day in Salt Lake because we wanted to go to dinner tonight with our friends the Blakes.  Their son, Jared, goes into the MTC in the morning on his way to Puerto Rico.  Gabe and Seth were especially excited to see him as he has become like an older cousin or brother to them.  I too am very fond of him. He served as our Seminary President and has been a really outstanding example to all of the youth in our area.  And he's just a cool kid. :)

Jared and Gabe

Hanging out for the last time in 2 years

Our ERT is almost officially at an end.  I will drive the Suburban home tomorrow and John will take the new truck and camper.  What a great trip!  I loved the journey and the destination.  That is truly the point of an Epic Road Trip, right?

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