Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jebb's Volcano

Jebb has been learning about weather at school.  He wanted to build a special project and take it to class, even though it was not an assignment.  He brought home this diagram:
He told me he copied it out of a book and it was directions on how to make a volcano with just newspaper, flour, and a straw.  We didn't have any newspaper, so he taped together several sheets of printer paper.  He then had John help him form the cone shape that would be the volcano.  He found a straw somewhere (water bottle?) and inserted it where he wanted it.  

I helped him scoop in the flour and we gave it a test.  The 'eruption' happens when you blow into the straw at the bottom, forcing flour to puff out the top.

It was a success!  I put some flour in a baggie so he could take his project to school and show his class. Luckily, I snapped a quick pic this morning right before he got on the bus of how it will work.  Jebb was really resourceful and gathered all of his own materials to execute a plan he found.  Way to go Jebb! I bet Aunt Keryn will be impressed (she is our volcano expert in the family)!