Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jackson's Service

I had to write about this kid today.  Jackson is in 4th grade this year and I was pleasantly surprised when he told me that he had joined Student Council.  He has had some good experiences doing it and it has helped him to stretch a lot and think a little bigger.  The SC decided that they wanted to serve at the Soup Kitchen here in our town.  They arranged to volunteer from 4-7 after school today.  

I was a little sad that I couldn't stay and join him, but the other kids needed a driver and John is out of town. I decided to go with the line of thought that this is a great experience for him to have on his own. ;)

When I picked him up it was a little hard to get him to talk much.  He said that he had packaged chocolates and cleaned bathrooms with chemicals.  I questioned him a little more, and he told me that he was surprised that there were so many people in our town that were hungry and came to eat.  Jackson has a tender heart and is quite thoughtful about such things.  I am so glad he got to do this today and I feel humbled and grateful that we have never gone hungry.  It gave Jackson and I both something to think about.

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