Saturday, February 2, 2013

Geeking Out

Every winter there is a weeklong festivity in our town refered to as Snowdown.  There are events, socials, dances, competitions, performances, and general revelry all over town.  The theme this year was 'Get Your Geek On' and many horn rimmed glassed and suspenders were seen around town. Most of the events have a definite adult flavor, but there are many things that we enjoy as a family.

The High School this year had Winter Week with dress up days and sporting competitions that Gabe and Seth participated in. There was a volleyball tournament that had teams from each grade as well as a few that blurred class lines.  The finals came down to Gabe's team against Seth's team.  I was pleasantly surprised when Seth and the Freshman took it all. Seth was quite the player at the net! :)
Seth at the net!

Gabe sets with his long white arms ;)

2nd Place

Frosh Champs!
There was a parade that the big kids took the little kids to.  It is at night and features lighted floats and hot air balloon flames that warm the crowd.  Jebb wants to dress like a Geek for school everyday now after putting together his own ensemble for the parade.  And Seth along with a few of his friends won the 3 on 3 basketball tournament for their age group.
Jebb finds his inner Geek

Winners of the 3 on 3
It is a fun celebration in the winter and I am glad my kids all got to enjoy Snowdown this year.

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