Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Flight

John has decided to get his pilot's license.  This was his first flight from SLC to Durango.

Mixed feelings on this one.  I am excited that he will be able to commute faster.  I am not excited about the risk of small planes.  John has participated in plenty of risky things, and I always remind him that he has severely overworked the Guardian Angel assigned to look over him.   I will continue to cling to what Joseph Fielding Smith taught: "No righteous man is ever taken before his time." ;)


meegz said...

So did he buy a plane as well? That boy cracks me up in his adventure land he lives in. You are right- his angel has had to have to retire by now and he's gotten a new one!:).

Lucy said...

Yikes! I hate those small little planes but if it makes your lives less stressful and more together time then....well...I hope it all works out! Of course, John will be a natural pilot. He seems born to master machines!