Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had a lovely, lazy Christmas day.  I didn't take enough pictures! Darn it!  But here are a few that I have:

Pillow Pets.  These are the sibling gifts
they asked for. Why? Idk

Sibling gift. Every brother bought Elise
press on nails-all were the wrong kind! :P
Jackson uses the force in his new
robe and slippers

Jebb with his penguin dream light and new mouthwash

Seth made us this awesome cutting board in shop

My Dad made us this sweet birdhouse!

I scored this year! Quilt from my
talented and amazing Mother!
I didn't get any pictures of Gma Kristine, but she was here all day. John got her a bunch of colorful socks so she could easily pair them up.  I think we wore her out last night and today ;).  John helped her FaceTime with Kip's family and she thought that was pretty cool.  The kids helped me work on a new puzzle which I loved, before inviting a few of their friends over.

Overall, it was such a nice day.  I think we are in the Golden Years for parenting.  I want the years to slow down or stop altogether.  John has been away for the past several weeks and it has just made me more aware of how much I love our whole family just being together.  Merry Christmas!

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