Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BigG Basketball Recap

Basketball season has (mostly) come to an end in our home.  I will give a short recap of how the season went. I made it to the majority of the home games and loved seeing them all play.


This was Elise's first foray into the sport of basketball.  She enjoyed playing on a team in volleyball and when a lot of the same girls went out for bball, she decided to try out too.  Elise was pleased to make the B team, although she was not a starter on that team. She worked hard and got a fair amount of play time.  She made 2 baskets this season and I sadly missed them both by minutes.  We were glad to see that she improved over the season.

I am typically not a fan of girl's basketball, I just don't enjoy watching it that much, but I sure am a fan of Elise!  She is such a great young lady! 

Apparently our middle school dominates in girls basketball. In fact, the A team had several girls that transfered to our school just to play. Who knew?  So Elise's team always won handily.  They also managed to win the whole shebang at the final tournament last Saturday.  'Undefeated' has a nice ring to it. ;) Way to go!


Seth was on the High School Freshman team this year.  Unfortunately, Seth had an injury in his hip and leg that really slowed him down.  It is something called piriformis syndrome where your sciatic nerve is pinched as it goes from your hip area, down your leg.  It makes it painful and difficult to walk and sit.  The doctor said that growing fast can trigger this and that makes sense as Seth is now taller than I am.  Seth had some deep tissue rubs and lots of stretching and he did get better by the end of the season.  Unfortunately, the season was ridiculously short.  The freshman only had a half dozen games over a few weeks.  The Athletic Director said that because the freshman girls only had a few games, the boys could only have that same amount.  Lame.  His team did not win all of their games, but  I think Seth did well.  I was proud that he worked through his injury instead of giving up.  He scored in most games and although I took more pictures of him, this is the only half decent one I got, and it is poor at best.  He is rebounding, then shooting the ball under the hoop. He is blurry and all you can see are his arms and head. :(  A sports photographer I am not...

Because their season was so short, Seth and some of his teammates were able to participate in the local 3-on-3 tournament.  They played well and were able to win prizes including the Lip Balm in Seth's mouth.


Gabe was a starter on JV at the High School this year.  He played most of the time in most of the games and scored lots of points.  He got to dress out for a few Varsity games, but didn't really have any play time.  The JV team won a lot and their season finished up a couple of weeks ago, but Gabe stayed and has been practicing and dressing with the Varsity.  Playoffs will begin this weekend.

 Jebb and Jackson

I am such a mean mom that I didn't sign Jebb or Jackson up for rec league basketball although both of them asked to participate.  I just wasn't able to get them to practices or games.  So this year for basketball season, they spent a lot of time under bleachers, running in school hallways, and playing their Nintendos.  They did watch and cheer on occasion, but they mostly just played together during the games.  We'll see how next year goes!  

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