Wednesday, August 8, 2012

And Back to Durango

Having bought a new truck in SLC, the task fell to me to get the Suburban home.  Jackson and Jebb agreed to be my traveling buddies.  It was hot when we stopped half way in Moab and we were about an hour ahead of John, so we decided to take a dip while we waited for them to catch up and join us for dinner.  

J&J stripped down to their unders and waded in slowly before going all the way in.  They swam for a while and John arrived just in time to see them.  The big kids waded in too, but just up to their knees.

We made it home from the Reunion.  We have been gone for 10 days! That certainly counts as a good, long road trip.  Some (like me) might even say Epic.  This is what summer is all about. I am so glad we had the reunion and got to see our cousins.  We did miss G&G Ross and the Martins and will have to visit with them soon.  But for now, it is ELT...Epic Laundry Time.  :)  And it is good to be home.

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