Saturday, January 26, 2013


John has been traveling quite a bit lately.  He is usually gone to Texas or Utah on 3-5 day stints.  Through this experience I have realized that I do not like being a single parent, mostly because I am just not very good at it.  I forget appointments.  I have a shorter fuse.  I have to do all the hard stuff myself. I am always in the car.  I can't pass the buck on engaged parenting.

The cruise we took was actually because we expect this trend to continue. In fact, John returned home from a trip on the day we left and flew to Texas the day after we returned.  And this last Texas trip was a long one that took in the weekend as well.  By Tuesday when he came home, I felt tired and frazzled.

Of course I have taken to telling anyone that asks just how hard my life is. I proclaim that I have decided that should John die, I might bury him before remarrying-if I could stand being single that long.  I was telling a friend of mine that exact thing on the phone, saying that I am just not good on my own.  She knowingly got right to the heart of the matter when she said, "That's just because you are spoiled!"

Of course the instant the words were spoken, they zinged right to my heart as truth always does.

She was right! I couldn't disagree and laughingly told her that she had hit the nail on the head.  I am a spoiled wife! :)

I have thought about that a lot these last few days, and it has made me feel an increased measure of gratitude for my husband.  Too often I do not appreciate all he does to make my life better and instead focus on the things I wish he would do.  How unfortunate for me!  Because he quietly goes about serving me and my whole family, so much so, that it leaves a large and noticeable void when he is gone.

This is a picture I took last month.  He had to go to church early and knew I would have to drive the jeep to church in my dress (which is harder than it seems since he lifted that sucker).  When I went out to hop in the car, I found this little stool.  He had called Seth and had him go find a stool so that Elise and I could get in with our dresses.  This picture, for me, shows perfectly just how spoiled I am.  And truth be told, if John did die, any man would be a fool to marry me, because I know what it is like to be spoiled rotten!


meegz said...

It's good to be spoiled..and I have a sneaking suspision you can handle it on your own just fine. We just don't like to. I hear ya! 3 months every summer does me in - every time.:/

The cruise looked great. Glad you had TIME alone as a family. I would second Gabe's comments for any family. We all need that.:)

meegz said...

Hmm that's not how you spell suspicion now is it? oh well.:)