Monday, December 31, 2012

Seth's Wild Ride Home

Seth gave me a scare to end the year on.  He went skiing with a couple of friends, Kanyon and Isaiah. They are both really nice, responsible young men.  On their way home, the roads had gotten quite icy.  They slowed down as they drove, but hit a stretch of black ice.  

The truck rolled completely before landing on it's wheels.  

Miraculously all of the boys were fine. They were all wearing their seat belts, thankfully. There were a couple of bruises and scratches from boots and skis tumbling loose in the cab. But other than that, they all stepped out of the truck, called their parents, and stared at the wrecked truck while they waited for help to arrive.  

John went up right away and said that the road where they rolled was so smooth and icy that he could glide from one side to the other effortlessly.  

These are the moments when you offer a Prayer of Thanks to God for watching over your baby.  It shook Seth up a little bit and hopefully gave him some respect for the weather as he is getting ready to get his own driver's permit.

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