Sunday, January 27, 2013

Seth is 15

Today is Seth's 15th Birthday!  I cannot believe that this kid is getting so old!  It is Sunday and the day is packed full of stuff (i.e. meetings).   We had the pleasure of Seth speaking to us in Sac Mtg about preparing for a mission.  He did a fine job and even managed to plug Seminary. ;)

After church, we had a few of his friends over for Steak and Cake.  

Disney Princess Cake haha

Here are a few pictures from dinner:

Opening a few presents (Yes, I did buy him curl taming cream and insisted we try it-he was a good sport):

We played a game called "My favorite thing about Seth."  It was nice to hear his friends see many of the same things I do in him.  Seth is a giver.  He will share with anyone.  He has a real heart of gold and I don't think he is knowingly unkind to anyone. Seth is a funny guy and although I do not always appreciate his teen humor, I am glad he is always finding the lighter side of things.  He is also a really great Grandson.  While it isn't always easy taking care of Grandma, Seth is patient and so respectful to her.  I love that!

Then it was time for everyone to head off to the fireside.  Don't they look classy?!

It was a nice day and I am glad we all got a chance to celebrate Seth in our lives!  Tomorrow the real excitement comes as we are planning to take him to get his driving permit! Look out! :)


Nicole said...

Happy belated birthday, Seth!

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