Thursday, January 10, 2013

Disney Cruise 2013-Getting There

The BigGTribe decided to take a long weekend vacation.  John has been gone a lot and will be gone even more starting in February, so I decided to grab the family and get out of town all together.  The kids were not excited (they have school stuff, church stuff, sport stuff) until I told them I had settled on taking a cruise.  The big boys got excited!  Then I told them it would be a Disney cruise. The little boys got excited! Luckily Elise was excited no matter what-so excitement was brimming all around.

It's tough to find good airfare out of our little town, but when I found Denver to Ft. Lauderdale under $200, I booked it.  So after school Wednesday, we packed up the car and headed north.  We got into Denver by around 1am, slept in a hotel until 5am, then headed to the airport for our 7am flight on Thursday.

It was really cold in Colorado, so we were glad to find it was in the high 70s when we reached Florida. From the airport we grabbed a shuttle to the port.  All of our connections were pretty tight, so we didn't spend much time waiting around.  We were all excited to see the ship and get checked in!

We changed into our suits so we could get a little sun before the ship sailed away.  They had a little party by the pool.  The kids found the free soda machine right away.

After the party and swimming, we enjoyed a magic show before dinner.  It was pretty good and I think even Seth was impressed. ;) We all got showered and dressed for dinner and I realized what a long day it had been already.  We were just getting started and I was excited for the days to come!

On our way to dinner

The Girls!

Mickey danced through the dining room

Elise and John
Me and the little guys

Me and my roommates-The big boys were on another deck

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