Saturday, January 12, 2013

DC2013-Nassau, Bahamas

Today the boat stopped in Nassau and it was easy to decide what we wanted to do.  We signed up to go to the Atlantis Resort there.  It was just as cool as it looks on the TV commercials.  We met a family on the way there from New York there that had 5 kids just like us, and they even had a few teenagers (which was rare on our boat).  Yes, they were Mormons.

We found a spot near the kid waterslides, but we didn't stay there long.  There is a lot to see.   At the Lagoon they had these water bikes.

The Lagoon with the bikes

These bikes....
Apparently, they are featured on Disney Cruise commercials and J&J had been on the lookout for them since we boarded the boat.  Sadly, they were not included in the price of our Atlantis admission, so we tried to find other cool things to see.
The Lagoon-wide view
But Jackson still really wanted to ride those bikes.  He couldn't think of anything else when I asked the kids to pose for a picture before we left the lagoon.
Leaving the Lagoon
An up-close of Jackson...not happy
We walked back over a bridge where Jackson made us all stop and look back at the bikes.  Man.  I was feeling pretty mean not letting him ride them, but by now I couldn't just because he was throwing such a fit.  We had to find something he would enjoy fast...
Atlantis did not disappoint.  We went over to the big slides and the lazy river (although it was not lazy, but full of rapids).  It was SO much fun.  They even has escalators so you could stay in your tube and go back to the top of the slide.  He finally cheered up when I let him take me on a few of the scary slides in a double tube.  John said he could hear me screaming all the way down!  We rode the river around for a long time and it was such a blast for everyone. That is definitely somewhere we could spend several days and not get bored of it.

 After lunch and more tubing, the day was almost gone.  We worked our way back to our pickup spot, and wove our way through the underwater aquariums there.  I was impressed and amazed!  You could see 10 foot stingrays, sharks, and colorful fish. 

 Overall, I thought Atlantis was super cool and I wish we could have had more time there.  1 day was not enough to see everything.

Back on the ship, it was Pirate night for dinner.  J&J and Elise all packed stuff to wear.  The big boys were at least gracious enough to wear the bandanas provided in our rooms.  I thought we were a pretty good looking gang of pirates.

I even got everyone to give me an 'Aarggghhh'

Party up on deck complete with fireworks
and a ziplining Mickey Mouse

Aargggghhhh! Jebb is wearing 2 eye patches-ha!
The deck party was fun after dinner with pirates taking over, Captain Hook showing up, and Mickey Mouse saving the day.  Ya, it's a Disney Cruise so of course there were some lovely fireworks as well (although I think they weren't as good as the New Years ones we had 2 weeks ago).
Food Art
  As if dinner, snacks, and soda aren't enough, tonight was also the midnight buffet with all of the fancy food art. Of course Elise and I had to eat a crepe just so we could say we were there. ;)  Jackson and Jebb were pretty darn tired by this time so we went to bed in anticipation of Disney's Private Island in the morning.

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