Friday, January 11, 2013

DC2013-Key West

Our first stop on Friday was at Key West, Florida.  The weather could not have been more perfect! Key West doesn't really have a beach near the dock, so we decided to so an aquarium/train ride combo. 

On our way into the aquarium

Seth checks out some sea life

Elise and Jacks help feed the nurse sharks

Gabe and some sea creature
Feeding shrimp to sting rays
After the aquarium, we boarded a "train" to take a tour of Key West.  I didn't really take any pictures, but suffice it to say, we learned just about everything there is to know about this little island.  I found the hour and a half (!) tour really interesting, but I am not sure the kids appreciated learning about all things Key West right down to the trim and color of the homes.  It was a nice first day, but one day there was enough for us.

Key West is the Southernmost point in the United States, and there is a marker by the ocean that says so.  I got a picture of it as our train zipped past.
Tourists I don't know at the Southernmost Point in the USA
We did manage to do a little shopping before getting back on the boat.  Elise was without a good swimsuit and in January in Colorado, it is hard to come by one.  We had ordered her several from Target the week before we left, sadly, the package arrived about an hour after we left. She was glad there were lots of swimsuit shops in Florida.

Back on the boat we took advantage of the pool, the free pizza, soda, fruit, and sandwiches as we waited around for dinner. Yes, there is a lot of food on a cruise. I couldn't convince the big boys to attend the 'Golden Mickeys' show, but the rest of us enjoyed the Broadway style numbers featuring different Disney characters.  What can I say-there was a lot of Disney going on.  Everywhere.

Big kids enjoy dessert

Me and J&J

Jackson convinced me to take him to the (not free) arcade

Cool towel creatures and Jackson in the background
with the fan he got in Key West
(he got lots of mileage out of that thing)

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