Monday, January 14, 2013

DC2013-The End

All good things must come to an end.  And our magical Disney Cruise came to an end when the kicked us off the boat Monday morning at the Port of Miami.  We sat on our luggage and waited for our shuttle back to the airport.  My kids murmured somewhat about the wait, but I am just going to brag a little at the amount of travel we were able to log over what was essentially a long weekend.

We flew back to Denver and arrived around dinner time. It was sad to have to go to Wendy's instead of Pinocchio's Pizza. And paying for soda is so overrated.  Yes, we were definately back in the real world.

Colorado is having a major cold snap, and as we drove westward over the mountains, we noticed the outside temperature just kept dropping.  It got as low as -24 degrees!  That is just crazy cold.  I shed a little tear as I realized that just this morning in Miami we had been over 100 degrees warmer (it was +80 there) than the current outside temperature! 100 degrees!

The kids were working on homework as we drove (they all have school Tues. morning) and we all had time to reflect on our trip and talk about some of the highlights.  Gabe, rather offhandedly, said, "That was a really good trip.  Our family really needed that time together."  After Gabe had gone to sleep, John quietly asked me if I just about died when he said that.   I smiled and said that of course he knows I was savoring every syllable with fits of joy and delight.  And yes, I did keep replaying it over in my grinning head as we drove home.

But really, Gabe was right.  It was such a perfect little get away for our family.  Just us. Out of cell coverage.  Trapped together on a boat which is aptly named the 'Disney Wonder' because as cheesy as this sounds, our long weekend was Wonder-full! We loved it!

On a little tangent, I have had a few people ask me what I thought of the Disney Cruise as compared to other lines.  I have to first say that we are not big Disney people.  We own all of the movies on DVD, but I don't have a Mickey Mouse watch or anything like that-so take that for what you will.  The Disney part of it, while definitely omnipresent, was in no way smothering.  We chose Disney because they were running a really, really good sale which made it even cheaper than some other lines and I am all about value.  I don't know think I would have felt justified in paying full price.  I don't know that it was THAT much better than, say, Royal Carribean (which honestly is all I have to compare it to personally ;)). My kids only attended 2 hours of the kid club stuff, so I don't know if it was amazing and worth the extra cost-they seemed to like it all right.  I imagine if your kids spent a lot of time there that it would matter more, but that is not our style.  The kids pool (shaped like Mickey's head with a waterslide) was literally NEVER open on the boat because they closed it for 4 hours each time there was an accident.  And Gabe and Seth will tell you that this is NOT the cruise for teens.  There were almost none. Like, not any.  Maybe it is not as pronounced in the summer months?  But the stewards, staff, servers, etc. were all great.  The food was good.  The entertainment enjoyable.  Private island was lovely. And all of my kids said that they loved it. That being said, my husband and I agree that next time we will do a Royal Carribean cruise with a flo-rider on the ship. ;)

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