Sunday, January 13, 2013

DC2013-Disney's Private Island

Sunday was the day we went to Castaway Cay-Disney's Private Island.  Jebb asked me if we would be going to church and when I told him we wouldn't, he got very quiet and after a pause responded softly, "That is really just too bad."   I agreed with a somber face, paused for what I felt was a respectful few seconds, then asked if I could put sunscreen on his face.

They say that Disney is the Magic Kingdom and I now know that the magic extends to both their cruise line and to their private island.  We got off the boat and hopped the shuttle bus over to the beach.  The very first thing we came to? WATER BIKES!  Jackson was SOOOO happy!  We swiped our magic Disney card (billed directly to our Credit Card) and he was off pedaling around in the ocean.

John and Jackson

I am not sure it was all Jackson had hoped it would be, but he had a big smile on his face when he returned to tell me that his legs were tired.

Everyone found lots of fun stuff to do. There was a big water slide place.  There was snorkeling (Gabe saw and grabbed a stingray).  There was beach volleyball and tetherball.  And of course, all the ice cream, soda, fruit and food you could eat.   As I laid in the shade reading a book, kids occasionally checking in or reapplying sunscreen, I thought I felt the Magic once again.

 We relaxed, hung out, soaked up the sun, and were just together. Perfect.  Even a little bit Magical. ;) Heading back to the boat we stopped to take a few pictures and the kids talked us into getting a few souvenirs.  The only sadness I felt was a slight twinge realizing this was our last day of the cruise.  I think it took me 3 whole days to just unwind from the stress of getting us here.

That evening on the boat, J&J wanted to try out the kid camp and Gabe and Seth wanted to do...whatever it is they did on the boat during the shows.  So Elise and I convinced John to go to the evening musical show starring Peter Pan.  Lots of faith, trust, and pixie dust references, but I liked it.  Our seats were so good that Peter Pan seemed less like a boy who refused to grow up, and more like a thirty-something-grown-strangely thin-gay-man in green tights keeping a tween-pajama clad-wearing a bad wig-girl, up all night visiting various Disney heroes.  There was some flying on wires, real snow that fell, and some good musical numbers. Very enjoyable.

At dinner the family was reunited and I was glad to see we weren't all completely fried, but just a little sun-kissed.  On the menu was Escargot as one of the appetizers.  It was fun to see the kids give it a try.

But of course the best part was just being together.  It took us a few days to hit our stride and be JUST our family.  We talked about how fun it would be to have had some other families to hang out with on the cruise, but I secretly didn't mind a single bit that we all had to just be together.  It was a great way to end a great long weekend-snails and all.

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