Sunday, December 23, 2012

Seminary Christmas Dinner

This year we almost didn't have our Seminary Christmas Dinner, as finding a date that could work for everyone proved impossible.  So we did the next best thing and picked a date that worked for most of us, and tonight was the night. 

With Christmas so close, I kept it simple.  I asked the students to bring soup and I provided yummy Jean Pierre bread bowls (which were oddly tiny for some reason).  I also asked our class officers to come up with a few activities for us to do.  We played a guessing game in groups to get us warmed up. Then we ate and visited before I made everyone do a craft. ;)

I passed out gifts to everyone that they would use in making their creations.  Everyone got (in addition to the traditional fuzzy socks) a copy of the most recent Conference Ensign.  I went to Farmington last week to bind them and had one for each student.  I really wanted then to delve into those Ensigns a bit, so I used different talks to correlate with the different elements of the gingerbread houses we were going to make. 

We had a sure foundation (a sturdy paper plate) where we wrote the name of Christ to remind us that it is upon Him that we need to build.  We wrapped it with foil then added the walls (which I had preassembles with hot glue).  Then came the roof (also pre-glued).  The kids then built and decorated their own unique creations (which is just like each of us...a unique creation).  I think it went off pretty well.  I think kids always have a good time when they are creative.   And of course it never hurts to read in your Conference Ensign.

Another one of the students made us a traditional Christmas rice pudding with a prize going to the person that finds the almond.  It was a great end to a nice Seminary Dinner night. ;)

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