Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Bat Houses

Gabe has been working on his Eagle Project. He is building Bat Houses to install along the River Trail.  The City asked him to do this when he inquired about how he might contribute to our community.  Originally, Gabe and his troop were going to install houses made by troubled teens.  Once there were enough houses, and if the teens behaved well, they would all work together to attach them to trees along the river.  Gabe started out strong, meeting with the city, making his contacts, but the project has stalled out.  Now amount of nagging seemed to motivate Gabe this summer.  And the troubled teens are apparently more troubled than we thought, because none of them was able to earn the privledge to install the houses.  So we are going back to square one.  And I have to say, it is slow going...

But tonight a few folks came over and we were able to make some really good progress!
Cutting the boards to the proper length

Stapling in the mesh for the bats to cling to

Closing up the box
Important matters discussed

Finishing touches

Ready for paint

A few girls helped too-they want Gabe
to have full driving privileges ;)

Yeah! We are almost done!

Finished Bat Houses
Gabe was really grateful for everyone that showed up to help.  He has extremely restricted driving privileges until this project is complete.  I am as anxious as anyone for him to just wrap the whole thing up.  But I guess it wouldn't be a true Eagle Project if I didn't fret a little, right?  I am grateful for the Scouting Program.  Gabe has leaned a lot of really great life lessons through it.  Not the least being the idea that procrastination is lame. ;)  Now if the weather will cooperate, we will install these babies and let the bats move in.

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