Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 After the Feast

What is the best thing to eat the day after a Thanksgiving feast?  That's right, Mexican food!  We hit Tequila's after a lazy day of cousin bonding.  But our night was just beginning, and we headed home to get creative.

The Ross sisters were hard at work to get ready for the Great GBread Making Event of 2012.  We made frosting, glued houses, and set out the candy.

We got everything ready and let the building begin.  Everyone worked intently and came up with some pretty good stuff.

There were some really creative builds going on.  I have no idea what Papa Ross was doing in the next picture except trying to look crazy. ;)


Weston build a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired building.  Elise and Nate made a tower with a licorice Rapunzel braid hanging out of it.

It was fun to see how unique they all were.  Some focuses on asthetics and some went for pure function (maximum candy to be eaten later).

This might be the start of a fun tradition! :)  

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