Thursday, November 8, 2012

Still in Shock

I am still in shock about the elections.  I don't see my dismay and confusion lessening any time soon.  I was the Chair for the Romney campaign in our county during the primaries and I thought we had a real shot at winning.  The LPCR held a Victory Party on election night where we could all come, hang out, and see the results.  It was a painful night. Not only did we lose the Presidential elections, but we lost local races as well.  I sat in this morning on a recount going on to see if the R candidate won in an extremely close vote as County Commissioner, and it doesn't look good.  Our State Rep. lost as well.  It was ugly all over and the Victory Party lost a lot of it's earlier fun as the night wore on and the writing started appearing on the wall.
Before the election results

The kids come to see the results

I brought all of my kids to the party for a while so they could see what all of the stuff I had been doing was about. Too bad it was for naught.  I talked for a long time on the phone today with a friend of mine in the Denver area. She is a shell shocked as I am.  She had been making calls for weeks leading up to the election for Romney.  We both thought he was such an obviously superior choice that we cannot believe he lost.  I respect the vote of the people, but sometimes I just want to shake the people! My biggest disappointment has been the infighting in the Republican Party.  It is frustrating to me that people just complain and refuse to vote when their candidate drops out.  Hugely frustrating!

I am sad an anxious to see what will happen business wise over the next 4 years.  My home town of Page, AZ faces having the NGS (coal fired power plant) shut down under this administration's EPA. I would devastate the entire town.  We literally had contractors telling us that they were waiting to see how the election goes before they will let any more work to us.  If Romney won, they said, we would have excavation jobs with them for the next 10 years.  If not, we would 'wait and see.'  I heard the Romney camp is as shocked as anyone.  I talked to a staffer at the Paul Ryan rally that said their internal polling (typically very accurate) had Romney winning.  Dang.  I guess it is 'wait and see.'

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