Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jebb Goes to Mars

Jebb has been studying the planet Mars in a unit at school.  Their class studied the rover that was sent there and imagined what it might be like to colonize Mars.  Jebb has been really enthusiastic about it and even built his own Rover.  Tonight the class had a celebration of all things Mars and we got to go to the school and see all of the things they learned.

Heading to the class-Jebb and his Rover

Jebb and his community he might build there

Jebb gives a report on Mars. Red paper
covered the lights and gave a red glow.
I was pleased to see Jebb so enthusiastic about the Mars unit.  I think their class studied and worked really hard and it showed by the pride that they all took in showing the parents what they had done.  Jebb has a really great teacher this year for 2nd grade, Mrs. Smith.  Elise was fortunate to have her in 5th grade and if we are lucky, she will move to a grade where Jackson can have her too. ;)

Politcal Sidenote: The kids learned all about Sustainable Development which is a hot topic in our local politics right now.  They learned there are too many people and we need to be managed and clustered into smaller spaces (apartment buildings for example).  I never cease to be surprised by the increasingly green ideology that permeates all of their school work.  Global warming is another popular reading/writing topic. When Gabe did his 2nd grade community project, he asked to make the town gravel pit in the classroom's 'city'.  I was glad that he unknowingly brought up mineral resources to be discussed. ;).

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