Monday, November 12, 2012

Concert at the College

Elise is still playing the violin this year and got to participate in a concert at the College with students from both Middle Schools and the High School.  I was a little bummed because she was in the very, very back of the crowd and it was hard to see her.  I was with J&J and we tried to move up higher in the auditorium to catch a glimpse of her, but it was almost as if she was avoiding being seen.

She played several numbers and I enjoyed it very much, even if I had to just see her bow moving up and down.

When the concert was over, I realized why she seemed to be hiding.  Apparently she was.  She had worn turquoise tennis shoes instead of the standard black and had been extremely embarrassed when someone called her out on it.  I felt bad that it ruined (in her mind) her whole performance, but I remember how it is to be 13 too.  Next time I am sure she will be better prepared and hopefully I will get a better picture of her.

Very back row center....see her?

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