Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Wedding

This weekend John and I flew to California for a wedding of an old friend of mine. Jimmy finally got married!  I love his whole family, so when he invited us, John and I decided to go for it!  We got in Friday evening, hist the beach Saturday, went to the wedding Saturday night, then flew home Sunday morning.  

It was so fun! Not only did I love going to the wedding, but John and I laughed a lot and had fun just hanging out.  I think I could get used to this! ;)

Enjoying the sunshine!

My toes-not a lot of ppl at the beach

Although the weather was nice, the water was still a brisk 65 degrees!

We had the best mexican food EVER for lunch

The Kindred Klan-love these kids! 

The wedding was at a home overlooking the ocean
Flying home

Sidenote: In the last month, we have gone to Seattle, Florida, and California....I am thinking of visiting Maine next week just so I can go to EVERY corner of the U.S. in a 6 week span. ;)

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