Sunday, June 10, 2012

Youth Conference in the House

It has been quite a week at the BigG home! This week we had the pleasure of hosting a Youth Conference Group from Parker, Colorado.  Lori, an old, dear friend of mine moved there a few months ago and was put in charge of organizing the YC along with another lady, Michelle. As they were talking they realized the were both from the 4 corners area (Lori from Page and Michelle from Cortez).  Oddly enough, I know Michelle's family, the Tanners, from living here in Durango.  I can honestly say that the Tanners are some of my favorite people from this area-I adore them!! Well, Lori and Michelle got to talking and decided it might be fun to come to Durango.  When Lori called me of course I thought it was a brilliant idea! :)  

They had a group of 70 kids and adults.  The logistics of getting all of the kids, food, beds, and whatever else down here had to be crazy, but everything went really well!  It was so fun to welcome such a great bunch of kids into our home for a few days.  They had lots of stuff planned, so they were busy most of the time.  Between going to Pagosa, cleaning up our river trail, barn dancing, and swimming in the pond, they had lots of great spiritual classes too.  

The girls all slept in our basement, and the boys slept down by the pond under a big canopy.  Luckily I think they were all pretty well worn out each day and we didn't have any problems! :)

I felt a little self conscious when all of the visiting adults kept telling me how crazy I was to let them all come and stay.  But I feel like it was a real blessing to our family to have them come.  It is so important to me that my family realizes that there are lots of other Mormons out there in the world and anytime I can facilitate getting a bunch of them together, I am all for it! We invited our youth to the dance they had out in the shop and I think it was good for our youth to see that too!  
Michelle, Me, and Lori

Of course I loved seeing Lori and totally loved getting to know Michelle!  They are great ladies and I think they were meant to be assigned together to plan this thing! ;)

The Parker Kids
What a great way to really get our summer started!  It's a bit of a running joke that now I will feel free to come and stay with Lori or Michelle a whole bunch for payback and I hope I get to!  They both have great families and it was so fun to host them here in Durango!

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